Tarnished scribblings on the wall

Seltsam? Aber so steht es geschrieben.

William S. Burroughs' Tarzan
we are a WG in Großenkneten. A WG is like a Cohabitat, which is a tradition going back to the 70s, but we only practice free Love a little. This Computer is in our kitchen and everybody who lives here can use it to post on this Blog, all under the name of Von Geisterhand, because when you go online and see an entry that somebody else has written, you are like "Who wrote this?" and it's like the entry was written by a ghost.. Also we are five persons and it's like five fingers on a Hand.

Inhabiting an interstitially liminal space of no precise physical location.

Chris can do a really bad impression of a German.
On the subject of language, we also believe that swearing should be considered a form of art. Tries to handle it as such in this journal.
We speak subtext fluently.
Fritz is to cooking what Dr. Frankenstein was to plastic surgery. Some people like it.

my pet!

Know this:
Marilyn Manson is not Industrial. Neither is VNV Nation.
(Neither are Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor told me so.)
Rammstein are fluffy.
R&B should always involve old black men in suits.
Most Death Metal is essentially Prog Rock. That is a good thing.
There is no such thing as a bad Richard E. Grant-film.
Vampires do not glitter! Unless shot with rock salt.

PS: I own a suit, a tie and I can play the guitar reasonably well. Mr. Cave, if you read this, I am more than willing to come join the Bad Seeds at short notice.

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